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More Progress on the Double Neck Guitar

Made some progress on the painting.  Not a perfect job, but should be plenty good enough for what I’m looking for. Will let these dry for a week or 2 before I start on the clearcoat. Think I need to … Continue reading

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2.25 sq Foot Gardening Separator and watering system

So, The whole square foot gardening method is very popular.  I really like the idea of it and gave it a shot last year.  For whatever reason, We just found the 12″ squares were a little small for our liking.  So … Continue reading

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Getting the plants in the ground

So, I picked a darn windy day to get the plants in the garden. They were all looking really nice in the green house. They were comfy looking and growing big! Now, I’ve got them in the ground, and well, … Continue reading

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Fermentation Chamber

Had a request for some details on my fermentation chamber. It’s a pretty simple plywood box on a stand and casters, lined with styrofoam insulation board. I modified the cheapest, smallest window ac unit I could find to move the … Continue reading

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Pinoccio/Arduino controlled Fermentation Chamber Monitor/Controller

So, Brewing beer here in the desert is a challenge in the summer.  One of the most important things you can do to brew good beer is to make sure that you control the temperature during fermentation.  Too high a … Continue reading

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