Greenhouse Rebuild Day 3

Well, it’s a workday, so had to work, but took a little time to make a little more progress.

One of the things I was trying to figure out was how to reuse the roof vents. The old green house had an aluminum extrusion along the ridge. Part of it’s function was to hold the poly carb panels in place.

So here is the peak extrusion. The top part is what clamps the roof panels in place, and acts as a hinge for the roof vents. What I need to do is get rid of the bottom part so I can screw that right onto my wooden roof beam.20150112_162856Probably lots of ways I could have done it. The table saw just didn’t feel right, as there’s really no good way safely move the material through the blade.

Didn’t want to use my woodworking bandsaw due to the metal shavings, and even though I know I can, didn’t want to potentially damage a woodworking blade.

So I pulled out my little hand held metal bandsaw and clamped it up vertical. Wasted a couple of pieces figuring out the best way to make the cut, but got it down. There were extra pieces because the corners of the greenhouse used the same extrusion.


Finished product. This should work well. I’ll put some flashing down on the ridge and then screw this on top.


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