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Robots, with Frickin Lasers – Early tests

I can’t claim these are the best work I’ve done.  There’s still a lot to learn. Creating content from scratch is pretty easy using Inkscape and the laserengraver extension from this instructables post. I should also note that I’m using a laptop running … Continue reading

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German Pils Update

Been a while since I posted, but I have to say, the german pils I SMaSH I have in the fermenter is coming along quite nicely.  Well, It’s probably just a touch strong for a pils, at 5.5%abv, but I … Continue reading

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Fermentation Chamber

Had a request for some details on my fermentation chamber. It’s a pretty simple plywood box on a stand and casters, lined with styrofoam insulation board. I modified the cheapest, smallest window ac unit I could find to move the … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Isolated Desert Compound

So, this is my blog about living on an isolated desert compound in Northwest Nevada. I expect it to be rather boring, with tales of my various projects to improve the compound and the strange things we do to amuse … Continue reading

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